Tire Prices on the Rise?

Some drivers may be noticing they are paying more for tires. The
simple answer might be because of the vehicle you are driving. More Americans are buying sport utility vehicles which has led to the rise of the SUV tire, often more pricier than a tire for a vehicle with smaller wheels typically found on passenger cars.

A Consumer Reports survey from 2019 found that the median customer was spending $137 a tire on sedans, coupes, hatchbacks or minivans, not including the cost of installation. The price for an SUV tire was $162. Pickup trick tires were even higher at $175 a tire.

But why are tire prices slowly rising? More consumers are buying tires online which seem to have a “modest” impact on tire selling.
Furthermore are the looking tariffs on four Southeast Asian countries that could affect lower-priced tire brands, favor domestic American ones and raise prices. It seems as if these prices are here to stay.