R1234yf Freon Appears in Automobile Applications

Like your home air conditioner, your automobile air conditioner uses a liquid/gas chemical known as Freon. This chemical is responsible for cooling the interior of your vehicle during those warm summer days. The cooling takes place as a natural result of the Freon changing from a liquid to a chemical form as it circulates through the different components of your vehicles AC system. In the ongoing effort to make everything more efficient, the auto industry has switched the type of Freon used in vehicles.

The new Freon, R1234yf, replaces the older refrigerant R134 in automobile applications. R134 is still available and we continue to make repairs on those systems using the old Freon. However, the Freons can not be intermingled, so we have outfitted all of our locations with new machines that are able to process the new R1234yf Freon. The new Freon is more expensive, but it is also more efficient in its cooling quality so less of it has to be used.